Kindle Fire Credit Card Processing

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Kindle Fire Credit Card Processing
Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet provides business owners with the ability to accept and key in credit card payments on the go. This easy to use and secured credit card processing format negates the need to carry around credit card machines and bulky card imprinting devices. Waste no more time looking for electricity or waiting for large batch settlements; with the Kindle Fire’s credit card processing, available through PaymentMax, credit card payments will be instantly processed and the funds will be available to transfer directly into your checking account.

The Kindle Fire PaymentMax credit card processing is especially designed to help business owners and mobile business owners, such as artists who sell their work at art fairs. Although credit cards are the number one payment method for consumers, the vast majority of vendors at trade shows and art fairs either do not accept credit cards, or utilize a slow and outdated credit card machine. Studies have proven that the longer it takes for someone to pay for their purchase, the less likely they’ll be to go through with the purchase. Therefore, the PaymentMax app for the Kindle Fire is the most beneficial way to ensure that customers will not walk away from your booth without making a purchase.

In addition to the ease and speed that the PaymentMax provides comes the peace of mind of knowing that you’re processing payments via a PCI compliant and fully secured system. This means that your customers can be assured that you’re not only on the cutting edge of technology, but that you’re also on the cutting edge of providing them with a safe purchasing experience.

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